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      Structure and Governance


      Structure and Governance

      Let us introduce you to the teams that lead Newcastle University.

      University Structure

      Infographic to represent the relationship between the Statutory Bodies of the University.


      Professor Chris Day is our Vice-Chancellor and President. Professor Day works with the Executive Board to oversee the running of the University. 

      The Principal Officers work for the Vice-Chancellor and President to manage areas of the University, such as Research, Finance and Education.


      We are governed by five committees, known as statutory bodies.

      Meet the statutory bodies of the University:

      • Council - the governing body
      • Senate - the supreme authority on academic matters
      • Court - an advisory board
      • Convocation – a formal body which all graduates join
      • Academic Board – an advisory body of academic and professional colleagues

      Transparent about what we spend

      We are open about our finances. Find out about our financial management and how we are addressing the gender pay gap by visiting our Transparency page.

      Charity status

      Newcastle University is an exempt charity. Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) that are exempt charities are regulated by the Office for Students.

      The Office for Students performs this role on behalf of the Charity Commission in order to meet the requirements of the Charities Act 2011. Find out more about our charity status and trustees.