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      One Planet


      One Planet

      We understand One Planet to mean that resources are finite and that current practices and consumption levels are unsustainable.

      Rising to the sustainability challenge

      Not only do we recognise the challenge, but we live our values. We rank 11th in the world for work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (THE Impact Rankings 2020). The UNSDGs permeate our University, from how we manage our estate, through our research. They even provide a learning framework for our Executive Education programmes.

      Influencing policy, industry, communities and jurisdiction

      A key feature of our approach to One Planet is looking beyond understanding of resources. We influence policy, industry, communities and jurisdictions to adopt sustainable practices.

      Our world-leading work includes:

      • leading the way in energy and water. These critical components of our planet are often intertwined
      • demonstrating transition to low-carbon energy and transport in the UK and internationally
      • developing new social and technical approaches to water management in the global south
      • develop biotechnologies to create a new generation of Living Buildings which are responsive to their natural environment
      • tackling the challenge of people living on river deltas: more than half a billion people living in just 1% of global land area
      • exploring the impact of plastics in our oceans and exploring new depths
      • safeguarding species and their habitats in Asia, Africa and South America
      • influencing and exploring the legal dimensions of environmental regulation

      Climate change scholarships for women in South Asia

      Together with the British Council, we have announced seven fully funded scholarships for female students from South Asia interested in pursuing master’s studies in the field of climate change.

      The scholarships are on offer for students from:

      • Afghanistan
      • Bangladesh
      • India
      • Nepal
      • Pakistan
      • Sri Lanka

      Each scholarship covers full tuition fees, monthly stipends, travel and more.

      Climate Writer in Residence

      Together with New Writing North, we have appointed a Climate Writer in Residence. This enriches our commitment to examining and adapting our practices to respond to climate emergency.

      Poet Linda France will help us harness the power of arts and culture to respond to the climate change challenge.

      Linda's writing new work of her own, in consultation with our climate scientists. She's also looking at how writers, artists and readers can engage with climate change.

      Climate writer announcement

      Addressing grand challenges of food and water security and the climate emergency requires working in multidisciplinary teams rather than individual disciplines.