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      Cities and Place


      Cities and Place

      Our research into cities is making sustainable development in urban areas a reality.

      Interdisciplinary research

      Our University was founded 180 years ago to educate pioneers of the industrial revolution and address social challenges such as public health.

      This ethos remains with us today. It influences both what we research and how we operate.

      We take an interdisciplinary place-based approach, working with many partners to:

      • understand and benefit society
      • improve the economy, health, and cultural richness of the places in which we operate
      • discover and share knowledge and practice to enable sustainable development around the world


      We build impactful partnerships across business, education, government and citizens.

      We have a deep commitment to social justiceOur Engagement and Place Strategy focusses on improving the economy, health, social wellbeing and cultural richness of the places in which we operate.

      I’m delighted that my extensive archive will find a permanent home here, and that the 'Farrell Centre' will be a focus for exhibition and debate about city making in my home town.