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      The Stephenson Building


      The Stephenson Building

      A beacon for world leading education, research and collaboration.

      £110m investment in world-class engineering facility

      The redevelopment of the Stephenson Building is a £110 million investment. We have designed the scheme as a beacon for world leading education, research and collaboration.

      The scheme is a momentous commitment to:

      • engaging, challenging and supporting students to discover and fulfil their potential
      • catalysing transformative research within and between disciplines
      • improving the economy, social wellbeing, and cultural richness of Newcastle
      • fostering an environment for international ambition and activities

      The new Stephenson Building is part of our ongoing investment in exceptional facilities. It will deliver an outstanding student experience and a world leading environment for research and innovation.

      Key features

      Features of the redeveloped Stephenson Building will include:

      • Maker Space - a student-centred, student-led hub for creativity and entrepreneurship
      • a place for everyone, from quiet spaces to 500 person events and everything in between
      • minimising carbon emissions through efficient design and the latest building services technology
      • a home for three extraordinary research hubs focusing on current and future challenges: