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      University of Sanctuary


      University of Sanctuary

      Newcastle University aims to provide a welcoming place of safety for all.

      Newcastle awarded University of Sanctuary status

      Newcastle University aims to provide a welcoming place of safety for all and was awarded University of Sanctuary Status in June 2021.

      We have a long-standing commitment to offering educational, research and engagement opportunities to people fleeing violence and persecution.

      Here are some examples of our work and initiatives:

      University of Sanctuary award logo

      University of Sanctuary Working Group

      • Professor Peter Hopkins, Professor of Social Geography (co-chair)
      • Professor Judith Rankin, Dean of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (co-chair)
      • Professor Julie Sanders, Deputy Vice-Chancellor
      • Dr Phil Ansell, Dean of Sport
      • Dr Malasree Home, University’s Race Equality Officer
      • Dr Matthew Prevett, University Faith and Spirituality Support Coordinator
      • Andrea Henderson, University Head of Engagement
      • Smajo Beso, Teacher in School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape
      • Francesca Speed, PhD student in Newcastle University Business School
      • Sukaina Ahmed, UG student in Biomedical Sciences
      • Rosie Tapsfield, Active Inclusion Officer (City of Sanctuary) Newcastle City Council
      • Bridget Stratford, North East Solidarity and Teaching (N.E.S.T.) Project Worker

      University of Sanctuary application - December 2020