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      Newcastle Helix


      Newcastle Helix

      Newcastle Helix brings together academia, the public sector, communities, and business. We are creating a global centre for urban innovation in the heart of the city.

      We are developing Newcastle Helix together with Newcastle City Council and Legal and General.

      Key aims

      The Helix fulfils three key functions for us:

      1. The site itself is a living laboratory. Projects and experiments run at scale, in real time. Infrastructure, urban planning, data, and ageing are themes of our research at Helix.
      2. By locating alongside businesses, we close the gap between academic research and commercial innovation.
      3. New buildings increase our capacity for research, education and engagement.
      The foyer of our Urban Sciences Building.

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      Landmark location

      It is a landmark location comprising:

      • 24 acres
      • 20 different building plots
      • 6 residential plots
      • an estimated 4,000 jobs
      The Newcastle Helix site in the city.

      Contact us

      For further information about our work:

      Email: info@newcastlehelix.com


      Newcastle Science Central Management LLP
      c/o The Core
      Newcastle Helix
      Newcastle upon Tyne
      NE4 5TF