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      Faith, Religion and Belief


      Faith, Religion and Belief

      Newcastle University plays host to a diverse student and staff community and welcomes students and staff members of all faiths and none.

      Chaplaincy service

      In order to aid the student experience and provide more support to staff members, Newcastle University provides a Chaplaincy service.

      The Chaplaincy service works within the remit of the Student Health and Wellbeing service. It is available to all students and staff members, of all faiths and none.

      The Chaplaincy Service is a dedicated team made up of NCL staff and colleagues from varying faith organisations. They comprise of several Christian, as well as Buddhist and Jewish, chaplains.

      The team is committed to making the University a place of religious tolerance, diversity and respect. They are joined in their work by a further team of honorary chaplains. They are all members of staff in the University.

      What the service offers

      The Chaplaincy at Newcastle University also offers:

      • mindfulness sessions
      • confidential listening and support
      • faith exploration
      • signposting to appropriate local faith communities
      • opportunities for prayer and worship
      • spiritual accompaniment
      • socials, fun and friendship

      Our facilities for faith observation and faith activities

      Newcastle University provides a Muslim prayer space in the King George VI. This is accessible to all staff and students, using a smartcard. Newcastle University manages the space, in accordance with the Faith Space Policy.   

      There are two quiet rooms available in the Urban Sciences Building, which can be used for prayer and reflection.

      The Chaplains' office is now in the Agriculture Building. The Chaplaincy Library is currently in storage, and religious groups are booking rooms across campus.

      A?ny group which has difficulty booking a space for a faith activity or event should contact Owen Seth, the Faith and Spirituality Facilities Manager, at owen.seth@ncl.ac.uk

      For our staff

      Our staff can find out more about the facilities and events for them on our internal Chaplaincy website.