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      Workplace Adjustments


      Workplace Adjustments

      At Newcastle University we are committed to making the changes that will provide an environment where all our staff can flourish.

      We appreciate that not everyone will need adjustments. Some may require minor changes while others will require a package of adjustments to be organised.

      Clear process

      Your manager will:

      • discuss appropriate adjustments with you, involving HR and any other specialists who may need to be involved
      • agree an individual Adjustments Plan, which can be updated as and when appropriate
      • organise purchase of any equipment or special materials needed
      • review with you how well these adjustments are working and agree any further actions needed

      Guidance and forms

      • Workplace Adjustment Form
      • Workplace Adjustments Checklist
      • Managers’ Guidance
      • Staff Guidance


      Once an Adjustments Plan has been agreed, the University will fund the changes, in line with our legal obligations.

      In some cases, we may ask you to apply for funding to assist with the adjustments, through Access To Work.

      Need help?

      You can talk to your line manager, local People Services team or contact staff.disability@ncl.ac.uk