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      Useful Resources


      Useful Resources

      A wide range of resources is available to help staff and students of Newcastle University to manage issues, remove barriers and promote access and inclusion.

      Students should visit the Student Wellbeing page and the ASK web page for guidance and resources.

      Staff should visit our internal resources page for a list of services and resources that can help.

      If you can’t find what you need, speak to your local HR team or contact staff.disability@ncl.ac.uk

      External resources

      Business Disability Forum

      The University is a member of the Business Disability Forum, a national network promoting good practice in all areas of disability inclusion. We can access member resources as well as the general information on the website.

      Business Disability Forum logo

      Equality and Human Rights Commission

      If you would like to talk to someone about disability and your rights, the Equality Advisory Support Service can give free advice, information and guidance to individuals on equality, discrimination and human rights issues.


      The Equality and Human Rights Commission also has information on its website.

      Disabled Students Allowance

      Information about financial support for disabled students.