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      Vee Pollock


      Vee Pollock

      Dean of Culture and Creative Arts

      Newcastle University took the pioneering decision to appoint its first Dean of Culture and Creative Arts more than a decade ago.

      “We are distinctive in having such a critical mass of creative practitioners – we are a University committed to the arts,” says Vee Pollock, the current holder of the post.

      Her first objective is to work with colleagues to develop a “culture and creative arts action plan” across engagement and place, research, teaching and global reach.

      “We already have core research and teaching strengths in culture and creative arts and have good relationships with regional cultural organisations,” she says. “There is great potential to further embed the distinctive research we are doing.

      "What are our aspirations and how can we work with partners to develop the cultural economy and scene?”

      We are distinctive in having such a critical mass of creative practitioners – we are a University committed to the arts.

      Vee Pollock

      “One area where we can collaborate is in developing meaningful international partnerships and enhancing our international visibility. We are currently working with rural arts organisations in the region to develop projects with the University of Tokyo and partners in Japan.”

      The project involves social scientists and, as Vee explains “it shows that culture and creativity cuts across all faculties.”

      Progress is being made with Vee citing Northern Stage, which runs a theatre on campus.

      “Our work with Northern Stage has included a knowledge transfer partnership, a European funded research project, and an international collaboration looking at the role of digital in theatre,” Vee explains.

      "“Northern Stage, and other regional partners, are also interested in issues of social mobility and engaging with people who normally would not go to the theatre.

      "We are looking at how we might work together in a challenging environment where arts-based subjects are under threat in many schools.”

      Vee’s own appreciation began at a young age through art and music in school. “I want others to have that opportunity.”