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      There has been an amazing response from University staff and students to the crisis.

      Newcastle University community comes together

      Read about how we've come together, stepped up and shown support for each other.

      Visit the Newcastle University Community blog


      Volunteers are supporting all areas of the University in these challenging times. Tasks include:

      • organising colleagues to help with fire alarm testing
      • packaging up IT equipment to send to our students

      We have established a colleague volunteering scheme aimed at responding to Covid-19.

      We've asked for volunteers to come forward and for colleagues to let us know when they need help.

      Volunteer wearing personal protective equipment


      Our Students Union’s Go Volunteer service support students to undertake volunteering opportunities. Some students lend their free time to worthy causes during these difficult times.

      Find out about the Go Volunteer service


      We are also helping to connect staff and students to wider volunteering opportunities. These are available across our city via the Citylife Line initiative. Newcastle City Council, partnering with the local voluntary/community sector, established this initiative. This service enables people to register their interest as a volunteer. It also allows those in need to request help.

      Luke Smith from our Urban Observatory worked with the City Council and Newcastle’s Connected Voice to build an online system for the project. This project connects volunteers to over 60,000 vulnerable people in the City.

      Find out more about CityLife Line