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      Our Online Learning Offer


      Our Online Learning Offer

      Developing our approach to the online learning we offer to the North East community and beyond.

      Exploring innovative ways of teaching

      Newcastle University is committed to excellence in education. The Covid-19 crisis has, without doubt, presented us with some challenges. But that's also led to new opportunities and ways of working.

      Online learning resources for all

      Here we will share opportunities for you to engage with online learning offers provided by Newcastle University and our partners. We will be adding to the list below on a regular basis as new resources become available.  

      For schools (parents, teachers and pupils)

      The Department for Education's collated online education resources for home education. There are subject-specific resources.

      Visit the DfE website for more information

      Newcastle University's Teachers' Toolkit

      This toolkit contains more than 400 free resources and activities to support teachers. You can adapt a great number of them for home-learning. Some will definitely offer some innovative activities for pupils at home.

      Visit our Teachers' Toolkit for more information

      Primary school-aged children

      A range of online resources suitable for primary school-aged children are listed below. These are broken up into subject areas for ease of browsing.

      Secondary school-aged students

      A range of online resources suitable for secondary school-aged students are listed below. These are broken up into subject areas for ease of browsing.

      For everyone

      Below you'll find various online resources. We're sure you'll find something of interest to you.