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      A Levels and AS Levels

      A Levels and AS Levels

      Find out more about what we're looking for from your A and AS levels, and what this means for your application.

      Entry grades

      We specify typical entry levels in terms of three grades (unless otherwise indicated, the grades refer to A level, including double awards). We do not normally require applicants to have achieved more than three single-award A levels, or equivalent, for entry. 

      In most cases, we make conditional offers on achievement at the end of Year 13 or the final year at college.

      Fourth A Level

      If you are studying for a fourth A Level, we will take it into account as part of your overall application profile. Most admissions tutors are happy for this to be either a contrasting or complementary subject. If admissions tutors wish to recognise the additional achievement of a fourth A Level within a conditional offer, they may adjust their level of typical offer to make allowances for this.

      If you have not taken four A Levels, however, you will not be disadvantaged in your application.

      General Studies and Critical Thinking

      Different degrees have varying attitudes towards the inclusion of General Studies and Critical Thinking as a subject at A or AS level. Some exclude General Studies and Critical Thinking from conditional offers. Please check specific requirements for your chosen degree.