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      Application Decisions

      Application Decisions

      Find out what happens after you have applied to study with us, and what happens next.

      Admissions Policy

      When we receive your application, we consider it in accordance with the Newcastle University Admissions Policy (PDF: 562 KB).


      Entry to degrees is competitive. Don't assume that you will receive an offer if you have achieved or are predicted to achieve the grades listed as typical entrance requirements. Admissions tutors take into account your whole application, not just exam results. 

      This may include:

      • your personal statement
      • your school or college reference
      • evidence of relevant skills or aptitude
      • any special circumstances which affect your application

      Our admissions tutors do not use the UCAS Tariff points system for expressing conditional offers, although they may use it to help them to assess the equivalence of different combinations of qualifications offered by candidates. Achievement of an equivalent number of points does not necessarily mean that you have fulfilled the terms of the conditional offer.

      You can find out more about the types of offers from the UCAS website.


      Most subject areas don't need applicants to attend an interview. Where interviews are required, it is specified on the specific degree pages.

      Some subject areas may conduct informal interviews as part of a post-application visit day.

      Access Schemes and Pathway Programmes

      As part of Newcastle University’s longstanding commitment to widening participation, we also offer a number of programmes that allow eligible applicants to receive an alternative offer.

      • The PARTNERS Programme for eligible students across the UK
      • Realising Opportunities
      • Pathways to Law
      • Pathways to Medicine

      Before you apply

      Want to know more about what it's like to be a student at Newcastle University? Find out more from one of our current students through our online chat and messaging system.

      Attend an Open Day to explore our beautiful city-centre campus, meet our enthusiastic and dedicated staff and current students and find out more about the course you're interested in.

      Join us at one of our on-campus outreach events and activities, designed to help you get a feel for what to expect at University.