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      Teaching and Learning

      Teaching and Learning

      For an award-winning experience. For industry-informed degrees. For a high-quality education.

      How we're keeping you safe in COVID-19

      We want you to get the most out of your teaching and learning and will do everything we can to support you to do so. For the 2021 academic year, we hope to deliver large and small group learning, teaching and assessment while also prioritising your health and safety.

      Our 2021 modules have been built with flexibility in mind. This means, should Covid-19 restrictions need to tighten again, we can reduce the in-person elements of our teaching, and return to online learning as appropriate.

      We will continue to work within restrictions, and adapt our offer to support students and allow them to engage with learning in ways that are most suited to the situation as it changes.

      Research-informed teaching engages a student's curiosity and fosters a dynamic learning environment. 

      Degree programmes are shaped in consultation with industry, so they reflect the needs of employers. In some degrees, this means you'll work directly on projects set by industry or commercial companies, applying learning to real-world contexts. 

      The high quality of teaching and the impact of the University's research is reflected in QS World University Rankings, with a place in the top 150 institutions.

      Teaching Excellence

      There's a long tradition of excellence in teaching at Newcastle University and this has been recognised in external surveys and assessments and by students.

      We’re ranked 7th in the UK for Teaching Excellence in the Times Higher Education Europe Teaching Rankings 2018.

      Learning Experience

      You'll become a part of an inspired learning community made up of fellow students and our academic staff. We will challenge you and empower you to reach your full potential, during study and once you graduate. Exactly how you learn at Newcastle depends largely on your subject. Find out about the different ways we teach in the sections below.