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      Living Costs

      Living Costs

      Being able to budget is an important part of student life and is a valuable skill to develop. Newcastle is a student-friendly city when it comes to university study.

      Understanding the cost of living is an important and often neglected part of university life. Living costs cover expenses other than tuition fees, such as accommodation, food, drink, travel and study materials.

      The average living costs for a student the UK is £770 per month, so budgeting is a crucial part of undergraduate life. 

      A lot of the living costs associated with student life are typically lower in the UK's northern cities, meaning your money will go further. 

      Estimated monthly budget

      Spending patterns as a student differ from what they've been up to now, particularly if you're living away from home. If you plan ahead and are realistic about your budget, you shouldn’t have any problems striking a balance between work and play.

      The costs below are approximate for UK and EU students and you should use them as a guide only.

      Cost examples explained

      Currency converter

      Find out how much things will cost in your local currency with this currency converter.