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      Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

      Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

      Get the skills you need to progress your career, with professional development courses from Newcastle University.

      What does CPD stand for?

      CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development.

      CPD sets your career on the right path

      Are you considering a career change? Are you looking to:

      • progress within your team
      • change roles
      • keep up to date with the latest developments?

      If so, continuing professional development (CPD) can help to set your career on the right path.

      At Newcastle University, we offer a broad range of professional development courses. They're designed to help you gain from the latest expertise and reach your full potential.

      Helping you to achieve goals and progress

      CPD makes learning proactive. It’s an ongoing process of lifelong learning that can help you achieve your goals. It can help you progress in your career, whatever stage you’re at. Check out our introduction to CPD video or read on to find out more about how CPD could benefit you.

      Our professional development courses

      Our professional development courses combine world-leading research with specialist expertise. You can develop the knowledge you need to succeed in a competitive market.

      We can provide short courses or longer-term programmes that will make a real impact on your future career. These can help you:

      • develop your leadership and management skills
      • build specialist expertise for your industry

      Many of our CPD courses accredited by professional bodies. You'll be confident that the training you receive will be:

      • high-quality
      • tailored to your industry
      • recognised by employers

      We also offer courses that provide academic credits. They can help support any future study you choose to do.

      Browse our full list of CPD courses:

      Bespoke CPD

      If you need to develop your skills in a specialist area, we can offer bespoke CPD courses that are specific to your needs. Courses can be delivered on campus or online. No matter where you are in the world, we can provide professional development for you and your team. 

      Get in touch to see how we could support you

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