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      Our Campus

      Our Campus

      For learning. For socialising. For accessing top facilities to give you the very best experience.

      How we're keeping you safe in COVID-19

      Making sure you feel safe while on campus is our priority. We've put in place a number of new measures in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. These include:

      • targeted cleaning across our facilities, computer cluster and catering outlets
      • installing screens and barriers where required
      • providing wipes and hand sanitiser across campus
      • an early warning system to detect any potential outbreaks
      • providing all students with a safety pack on arrival – including a reusable face covering, thermometer and hand sanitiser
      • We're also introducing a one-way system on campus and in our buildings. We'll have volunteers on hand to help you find your way and answer any queries you may have.

      All of our catering outlets have introduced additional cleaning, as well as safety and physical distancing measures to keep you safe. The Students' Union Co-op store will also now deliver to you.

      A beautiful place to learn and grow

      You can't deny our campus is just beautiful, with plenty of green spaces and a blend of old and modern architecture. There are lots of social areas to meet friends and unwind. With a strong sense of community, it won't take long to settle in.

      Our campus is perfectly situated less than two minutes’ walk from the hustle and bustle of the main city centre shopping area. You never have to walk far to a lecture or seminar and there's always somewhere close-by you can grab a coffee or a quick bite to eat. 

      Our School of Computing and Newcastle Business School are based at Newcastle Helix. They're still just fifteen minutes' walk from the centre of campus. 

      Most of our student accommodation is within 10 minutes' walk of the campus.

      Newcastle is ranked among the world's best for sustainable development. We declared a Climate Emergency as a university. This means that we have pledged to reduce our own net carbon emissions to zero by 2030.

      We were only the second university in the UK to make this declaration and now that our partners in the City Council and the NHS Trust have also declared, we believe that Newcastle as a city is leading the way in its efforts towards a more sustainable future.

      Our facilities

      We've achieved five QS Stars for our facilities from QS Quacquarelli Symonds, meaning you'll have access to a whole range of top facilities that not only support you and help you get the best out of your studies but give you an outstanding experience.

      Our high-specification, specialist facilities include laboratories, studios, museums, galleries, farms, and even a sea-going vessel. Find out more on our Undergraduate and Postgraduate course pages. 

      Student safety

      Newcastle is a very student-friendly city, with accessible public transport and a strong focus on maintaining a safe and vibrant city centre. To ensure you enjoy a secure and supportive time on campus, we have:

      • cross-campus CCTV
      • SafeZone app
      • 24-hour porters at halls of residence
      • security staff on duty across campus at all time

      During registration you will get a contact card with out-of-hours emergency contact numbers. Student Wellbeing also publishes an emergency contacts list.