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      Get the most from games and workouts with world-class indoor and outdoor facilities.

      Exceptional environments for all your sporting needs

      Every sport and fitness activity has an ideal setting. Here at Newcastle, you’ll find we’ve covered all the bases.

      You'll find a perfect place to get your endorphin rush, whether you're:

      • a first-timer at an exercise class
      • an all-weather rugby player
      • an aspiring pro athlete

      £30m investment

      We’ve recently invested £30m into brand-new and refurbished spaces. They make your sporting experiences better than ever before.

      The new facilities include:

      • a world-class gym 
      • four brand-new studio spaces with audio-visual effects, including a spin cycle studio
      • four glass-backed squash courts
      • an eight-court sports hall
      • a high-performance strength and conditioning suite 
      • three new high-tech artificial pitches at Cochrane Park