Newcastle University in Singapore



When you visit the UK for your overseas immersion programme you'll stay in Newcastle.

You will be sent information on your accommodation before you travel to Newcastle. This information will include the total accommodation charges and information on how you can pay. 


Your flat

You will live in self-catered flats at Park View. Your accommodation is a short walk from the main campus.

You'll share a flat with between six and eight students. Each flat has a central communal lounge/kitchen and its own bathroom. Internet connection is available in all bedrooms and there is on-site laundry at an additional cost.

Your flat is for overseas immersion programme students only. You are not allowed to bring additional overnight guests.


Weekly rent is £137.83.

You have to pay online before you arrive.

Bedding and towels

Bedding is provided at an additional cost of £45.00.

You will be responsible for laundering your own bedding.


You will be responsible for the cleaning of your own room/bathroom as well as the communal kitchen area. Guidance on how to clean and our expectations will be available in your flat on arrival..


The contract period will begin on Monday 8 July 2019. You can arrive on this date between 08.00 and 18.00.

You need to show a copy of your Accommodation Offer/Contract when you arrive.

If you arrive early or late, the Estates Security Service can give you your keys.


You have to leave by 10.00 on Wednesday 24 July 2019.