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      Centre for Regulatory Science


      Centre for Regulatory Science

      A Newcastle University Centre of Research Excellence

      We want innovations in science to benefit the health and wealth of society. To achieve this, we must assess these developments against the keenest scientific practice.

      Helping shape policy, research and law

      It's important for us to bring ethical and critical thinking to any new discoveries in:

      • medicine
      • biomedicine
      • biotechnology
      • other biosciences

      We call this process regulatory science.

      The Regulatory Science Centre of Research Excellence will meet societal and public health needs. It will help to shape, through teaching:

      • policy debate
      • research
      • laws and systems that govern health products and services
      Centre for Regulatory Science logo
      Equipment for non-invasive surgery

      Focus on safety, effectiveness and value

      We will deepen understanding of safety, effectiveness and value of medicines and devices. We'll do this using interdisciplinary scientific knowledge.

      The NUCoRE will bring together researchers from different disciplines and backgrounds. They work in development and translation of:

      • pharmaceuticals
      • medical devices
      • health products

      Our empirical work on safety, efficacy, quality and cost effectiveness is vital. We'll link it to regulatory systems for:

      • health technology assessment (HTA)
      • approvals and market access
      • clinical guidelines for medicines, vaccines, devices and other new therapies
      The invitro fertilisation of an egg

      Leading voice in regulatory policy

      We'll use our existing activity to build on and explore synergies and learning. We'll ensure we complement and further Newcastle’s activity in this broad area.

      As the first UK centre for regulatory sciences, we will become the focal point for:

      • regulators
      • industry
      • clinicians
      • patients
      • academics
      • students
      • the public

      We will contribute to the development of regulatory policy in the UK.

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