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      Centre for Climate and
      Environmental Resilience


      Centre for Climate and
      Environmental Resilience

      A Newcastle University Centre of Research Excellence

      We investigate the environmental and societal issues resulting from intensifying global change. Human and natural systems are now inextricably linked. Formerly resilient Earth systems have altered and degraded. This has knock-on consequences for human societies.

      Providing underpinning expertise and international leadership

      Our mission is to provide the underpinning expertise and international leadership required:

      • for a solutions-driven, systems-focussed research programme to tackle climate impacts and biodiversity loss
      • to accelerate innovative climate and environmental resilience research globally
      Centre for Climate and Environmental Resilience logo

      Transdisciplinary approach

      The challenges that climate change present requires an integrated transdisciplinary approach.

      We integrate expertise across:

      • Engineering
      • Natural Sciences
      • Education
      • Social Science

      We catalyse the creation of climate resilient and environmentally sustainable communities and society.

      The small pond in Riverside Park has small floating islands that help purify the water.

      Our research goals

      We will pursue our mission by:

      • developing the underpinning knowledge base essential for the development of solution-led research
      • informing policy and management responses for UK, and global, climate and environmental resilience
      • building partnerships between government, industry and civil society to apply new knowledge
      • training the next generation of inter- and trans-disciplinary researchers climate and environmental resilience
      The highly threatened Maleo from Sulawesi, Indonesia.

      Leading the drive for climate and environmental resilience

      We are extremely well-placed to lead on climate and environmental resilience, due to:

      • our diverse research base across natural, social and medical sciences
      • strong tradition of engagement with policy, locally, nationally and globally

      We work to support implementation of Sustainable Development Goals 13 (Climate Action), 14 (Life below Water) and 15 (Life on Land).

      Life on Land SDG 15 Life Below Water SDG 14 Life on Land SDG 15

      Committed to tackling climate change

      Newcastle University has declared a climate emergency and acknowledged the biodiversity crisis. It has committed to be NetZero by 2040 at the latest.

      Our Centre provides a vital research base for taking that action.