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      Centre for Data


      Centre for Data

      A Newcastle University Centre of Research Excellence

      Strong collaboration is at the heart of our world-leading research in data.

      Multidisciplinary approach

      We build strong links between:

      • methodological researchers in computing and statistics
      • those applying these new methods to transform research in data-rich application areas

      Multidisciplinarity is key in what we do. We work across all Faculties to apply data science and software engineering expertise.

      This helps us tackle research problems in varied areas, including:

      • healthcare
      • scholarly editing
      • smart cities
      • heritage
      Centre for Data
      Close up of analysing software

      Seven cross-cutting themes

      We're building on more than 10 years and £100m worth of cross-Faculty research. We aim to tackle seven cross-cutting themes:

      • biomedical informatics
      • data for manufacturing
      • data visualization
      • spatial analytics
      • streaming data modelling
      • text in a digital age
      • regulation of data driven technologies

      We bring researchers together from diverse disciplines to carry out pioneering research. We aim to develop responses to complex challenges.

      data image

      National Innovation Centre for Data

      Our work will also support the National Innovation Centre for Data. It will encourage development of in-house expertise and skills for organisations in sectors, including:

      • commercial
      • public
      • not-for-profit

      This will aid them in extracting value and public-good from data.