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      Qualifications Explained

      Qualifications Explained

      To help you find the right study option we explain the different postgraduate degrees available.

      About our qualifications

      Postgraduate study will enable you to:

      • extend your subject knowledge beyond undergraduate level
      • specialise in a field of academic study
      • gain a competitive edge in the job market

      We understand that choosing to study for a postgraduate degree is a big undertaking and that everyone’s motivations and needs are different.

      We've explained the range of postgraduate qualifications we offer and how they differ to help you make your choice.

      Preparation courses for international students

      Our preparation courses provide the level of academic and/or English language skills you need for further study at Newcastle University.

      You can study an international preparation course at INTO Newcastle University. We have a variety of courses available.

      INTO international students at Newcastle University

      Taught courses

      Our taught master's courses include:

      • subject-specific taught modules
      • a dissertation or research project (approximately 15,000 – 18,000 words)

      Most of our taught master's are full time over 12 months. Many courses also offer flexible and part-time study options. They are perfect for those who need to balance study with other commitments.

      Find out more about our flexible and part time courses

      Postgraduate student at Newcastle University

      Research courses

      Research master's courses are designed to further your knowledge of a specific subject. They culminate in a focused research project, dissertation or thesis. Centred around your own interests, they offer the scope to study topics that may not be available as a taught Master’s course.

      Many research master's include some taught modules. They introduce specific subjects or relevant professional and research skills.

      They are usually studied full time over 12 months. Many courses also offer flexible and part-time study options.

      Find out more about flexible and part time options here

      Microscope used in postgraduate research

      Doctoral awards

      Our doctoral awards include: