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      Application help

      Application help

      Find support and guidance to help you navigate through the postgraduate application process.

      Application guide

      There are a few variations in postgraduate taught (PGT) and postgraduate research (PGR) course applications. We've illustrated these differences in the advice below.

      If you're unsure if your course is PGT or PGR, you can read our 'Qualifications Explained' page

      What happens next?

      We aim to respond to your application within 15 working days. For some courses, or during busy times, this may take longer.

      If we need further information to help us make a decision, we will email you. You can track the progress of your application by logging in to your account.

      Technical guide

      If you have any technical issues with your application, please refer to our technical guide for additional support.

      You can find our technical guide here

      Postgraduate Admissions Service

      Our Postgraduate Admissions Service process all Newcastle University's postgraduate applications. 

      Once you apply for your course, we'll email the address you give on your application form if we need to contact you. To make sure you receive our emails you can whitelist our e-mail address.

      Contact us

      If you've got a question about your application, send us an enquiry via the application portal you originally applied through.

      If you haven't applied yet, you can send your questions with our enquiry form.

      Admissions policies

      We have several policies to communicate how we make admissions decisions.