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      Receive a lower conditional offer to study at Newcastle University via the PARTNERS Programme.

      The PARTNERS programme has been running since the year 2000 and is one of the most well-established supported entry routes to higher education of its kind.

      Over 6,500 students have studied at Newcastle University via the PARTNERS programme. It offers a range of support and opportunities to help you make a successful application to Newcastle University.

      Through the PARTNERS Programme you could:

      • receive a lower conditional offer to Newcastle University
      • attend the PARTNERS Academic Summer School
      • develop skills necessary to be a successful student
      • meet other students and increase your confidence
      • receive support through the application process, on results day and after entering the university

      I feel like PARTNERS has helped answer all of the questions I had about the university and has helped me prepare for university life at Newcastle. I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking about studying here.

      PASS 2021 Attendee Feedback

      What’s in it for me?

      There are loads of benefits to completing PARTNERS. You’ll experience student life earlier than non-PARTNERS students and get a head start on higher education, by completing the PARTNERS Academic Summer School and supplementary events.

      There’s also lots of support available while you’re at University, such as Student Ambassador work experience, the Careers Insights programme and potential financial support.

      Find out more about the benefits of taking part.