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Malaysia & Royal College of Physicians

Malaysia and Royal College of Physicians

NUMed Malaysia has been working in partnership with the Royal College of Physicians to develop world-class post graduate clinical and educational training opportunities in South-East Asia.

The historical mission of the Royal College of Physicians, founded almost 500 years ago, of ensuring that medicine is practised to the highest standards remains almost entirely unchanged.

However, this must be applied in the context of 21st century healthcare. The strategic framework of the Royal College will ensure that it remains central to providing the best health services in the modern world.

It already has strong links with Malaysia and other countries in South-East Asia, conducting regular visits, delivering clinical and educational continuing professional development programmes, and postgraduate examinations.

Education is a core function of the Royal College of Physicians and one that has been developed over the last few years, taking an adaptive and flexible approach in helping physicians with their educational requirements.

Through the provision of quality, relevant and effective education and professional development based on best medical and educational practice and research, NUMed Malaysia continues to work with the Royal College to meet the wider aim of improving the quality of patient care.

Through the association of NUMed Malaysia and the Royal College, more ready access to these will be brought to the healthcare community of Iskandar Malaysia and the wider region.

The Royal College of Physicians and NUMed Malaysia have been delivering post-graduate training to Malaysian Ministry and health service staff since 2011.  Commissioned by the Ministry of Health, the staff development and contribution to the "Talent Grooming" programmes have reached over 300 Malaysian doctors and health professionals.  

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