Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia



Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed Malaysia) is a wholly owned branch campus of Newcastle University, UK.

NUMed Malaysia operates under the company name of NUMed Malaysia Sdn Bhd (792091-W).

Company Directors

  • Professor David John Burn (Chair), Pro Vice-Chancellor (Medical Sciences), Newcastle University, UK
  • Professor Suzanne Cholerton, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning), Newcastle University, UK
  • Professor Richard Davies, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Engagement and Internationalisation, Newcastle University, UK
  • Mr Richard Conrad Dale, Executive Director of Finance, Newcastle University, UK
  • Ms Premila Nair, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Administration, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia
  • Ms Zuriani Abu Bakar, Senior Finance Manager, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia

Principal Officers

Provost and CEO
Professor Chris Baldwin

COO and Head of Administration
Ms. Premila Nair

Dean of Academic Affairs
Dr. Paul Hubbard

Dean of Clinical Affairs
Professor Jade Chow Wei Mun

Dean of Research
Dr. Michaela Louise Goodson

Dean of Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Madihah Rushaidi

Dean of Student Support
Dr. Ma Brenda Carbonilla Pancho

HR Manager
Ms. Nirmala Arjunan

Senior Finance Manager
Ms. Zuriani Abu Bakar