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      Policies and procedures maintained and operated by LTDS; Associated forms and guidelines

      Welcome to our new-look website. Any feedback or suggestions - please let us know.

      Policies A-Z

      This page offers an alphabetical index of policies and procedures that are maintained and/or operated by LTDS. A list of all the forms associated with the above policies and procedures, and guidelines to assist in the completion of these forms, is also available.

      Summary of Changes to Quality Management and Student Experience Policies 2021-22


      Academic Queries and Appeals Procedure
      Admissions Policy
      Annual Monitoring and Review Procedure
      Anonymity in Boards of Examiners, Principles and Policy
      Assessment and Feedback Policy
      Assessment Irregularities Procedure
      Assessment Tariff (being phased out, see Framework for Assessment Design below)

      Changes to Degree Programmes Policy
      Code of Practice for Research Degree Programmes
      Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning Policyindividual School RPL policy statements

      Degree Programme Handbooks Guidelines
      Dissertations and Projects, Support for
      Doctoral Training Centres, Principles for the bidding, operation and management of

      Education Strategy
      Educational Partnerships Policy
      English Language Policy
      Ethics Policies: HaSSMedSciSAgE
      Examination Policy
      Examination Procedure for Students with Special Requirements
      External Examiners of Taught Programmes Policy

      Framework for Assessment Design
      Fitness to Practise Procedure

      Graduate Framework

      Joint and Combined Honours Guidelines

      Learning and Teaching Review Policy and Procedure

      Moderation and Scaling Policy and Guidance
      Module Approval

      Off-campus Assessment Principles and Policies
      Online Assignment Submission Principles

      Peer Mentoring
      Peer Dialogue for Teaching Policy
      Personal Extenuating Circumstances Procedure for Students
      Personal Tutoring Framework
      Postgraduates who Teach Policy
      Principles for External Supervision Arrangements for Research Students
      Procedure for Implementing Student Evaluation of Teaching - Institutional Surveys
      Procedure for Implementing Student Evaluation of Teaching - National Surveys
      Professional Accreditation - Policy for consideration of accreditation reports from PSRBs
      Programme Approval Policy

      Qualifications and Credit Framework
      Quality Assurance and Enhancement Framework for Research Degree Programmes

      Register of Educational Partnerships

      Secure Communication

      Safety Net measures 2020-21

      Staff briefing notes regarding Safety Net measures 2020-21

      Student Attendance Monitoring Policy
      Student Evaluation of Teaching Policy
      Student Representation Policy
      Support to Study Procedure

      Taught Student Intellectual Property Policy

      University Regulations

      Virtual Learning Environment Canvas Baseline

      Work-based and Placement Learning Policy


      For policy queries, or to request copies of the documentation below in alternative formats, please contact us.