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      Request an Item

      Request an Item

      How to find, request and consult items in our collections.

      We can offer the following services:

      • Virtual Reading Room service - book an appointment to view Special Collections material remotely, wherever you are based.
      • In-Person Reading Room Service where you can book an appointment to view Special Collections material in our Reading Room. Please note, this service is available to University students and staff only.
      • Digitisation service - order digital copies of our rare book and archive holdings, wherever possible.
      • Have a question? - if you have a question relating to any of our collections, please email libraryhelp@ncl.ac.uk


      Step One: find an archive collection item or a rare book

      Step Two: decide how you would like to consult material

      • There are two ways in which you can view material:

      Step Three: order your item

      • remember to note the reference number and title of the item (s) you would like to view
      • once you have decided how you would like to view material and what you would like to view, please complete and submit a request form.
      • Find out more information on how to request an item and what happens after you have submitted your request, by clicking the box below: