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      Teaching using Special Collections

      Teaching using Special Collections

      Find out about our teaching sessions and how to use the rich resources to support teaching and enhance the student experience.

      Teaching sessions

      Our carefully designed teaching sessions enable your students to work with primary sources and develop crucial analytical skills. We can offer teaching both online and face-to-face, although in person teaching will need to abide by current Covid-19 restrictions.

      Choose from our range of sessions, all of which use primary material from our collections and can involve our specialist staff to deliver or co-deliver with you:

      • Introduction to Special Collections
      • Introduction to archives
      • Introduction to rare books
      • How to find and use relevant archives and rare books here and elsewhere.
      • Primary source analysis
      • Referencing & citation of Special Collections materials
      • Using digital material v using original material
      • Palaeography basics

      Alternatively, we can work with you to create a bespoke session tailored to your module or subject area. We’d love to hear from you!

      To arrange a teaching session or to talk to us about your ideas and requirements, please complete our teaching request form.

      Career Development module placements

      Each year we offer a limited number of placements within Special Collections as part of the University's Career Development Module.

      If you have a student who might be interested, they can either contact us at libhelp@ncl.ac.uk or visit the Career Development Module pages.

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