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      Workshops and Other Activities

      Workshops and Other Activities

      Join us for our open workshops and events to help you develop your academic skills.

      In Discussion With the WDC

      The WDC tutors have a wealth of expertise and advice to share with you, so join us in discussion for our programme of Live Q&A sessions on a wide variety of study topics!

      In Discussion with the WDC brings together two of our tutors (and sometimes special guests!) for an informal live chat online about a common study skills topic of the week. We’ve always got a range of common issues and FAQs we could talk about, but these sessions are best directed by queries and requests from you, our audience! You’re free to just listen in or post us a question in the chat if there’s something you’d like us to address, explain or advise on.

      • 60 mins live on zoom
      • Study skills topic of the week (details in our programme)
      • Pose your questions in the chat or on mic
      • All subjects and stages welcome

      As these are group sessions, we can’t go into the specifics of an individual situation in too much detail. If you’d like to discuss your own study circumstances in depth, you can book a 1-2-1 appointment with one of our tutors.

      Sessions will not be recorded. If you wish your question to remain anonymous, you can post it to one of our tutors privately in the chat.

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