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      Resources and Study Support

      Resources and Study Support

      Specialist resources for your subject and tailored support for your study success.

      We are here to support your studies with specialist resources for your subject and tailored services to help you develop and improve your academic skills.

      Resources and subject guides

      Your subject guide provides access to books, journals, databases and other resources tailored to your discipline. Our resource guides highlight the different types of information useful across subject areas.

      To find your subject guide, select from the dropdown box below, or browse by faculty.

      Databases, journals and reading lists

      Locate key journal titles and databases, and explore essential and recommended resources on your module reading lists.

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      Resource guides

      Explore the different types of information available from the Library, including patents, maps, market research and newspapers.

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      Study support

      There is a range of support available to help you develop your academic skills, whether you want to learn independently, get some expert advice or join our network of peer mentors.

      Tutorials and drop-ins

      We are here to help you understand university-level learning and assessment and help you fulfil your potential in your degree course and beyond, with individual support when you need it. 

      Book a tutorial with the Writing Development Centre, to discuss any aspect of your work, from research planning and time management to revision, drafting and editing your writing. Or for more rapid questions, register for a drop-in slot. A one-to-one appointment with the Liaison Team will help you develop your skills in finding, evaluating and managing information, and advise on improving your information search plan.

      Book a drop-in

      The Academic Skills Development Team drop-ins are ideal for more focused questions and speedy answers. Book your slot in advance and choose between an in-person or online appointment.

      • Duration: 20 minutes

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      Book a one-to-one

      A one-to-one appointment with the Writing Development Centre is ideal for in-depth skills development help.

      • Duration: up to 1 hour

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      Your Skills and online group workshops

      Explore bookable group sessions to help you develop your academic skills.

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