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      How can we support your blended learning experience?

      How can we support your blended learning experience?

      21 November 2021

      Academic and Study Skills from the Library

      Throughout November and December, we are asking you to tell us what learning resources or opportunities you would like to help you develop your academic and study skills.

      The Academic Skills, Writing Development Centre, Liaison and Special Collections teams collaborate to provide a wide variety of opportunities to help with a broad range of academic and study skills, from critical writing, time management, through to searching for information and note-taking. We do this in a variety of ways including by delivering skills sessions as part of your modules and the Your Skills programme, developing collections of online resources for the Academic Skills Kit website and offering drop-ins and one-to-ones.

      But now it’s time for us to hear from you – we want you to guide us in what we do next.

      Is there some guidance or an online resource you would like adding to the Academic Skills Kit? Do you prefer to watch a videos or read a study guide?

      Or maybe you would prefer a workshop on a particular skill that will help you with your assignments?

      We want to hear how we can support you to reach your potential. 

      You can let us know your preferences by:

      • answering a quick poll on Twitter and Instagram 
      • voting in our weekly ball poll in the Philip Robinson Library’s foyer
      • completing a quick feedback form with your suggestions
      Two male students studying with laptops and coffee.

      Last updated 11 November 2021