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      Friends of the Library

      Friends of the Library

      An enthuiastic network of people interested in the University Library's activities, collections, history and future developments.

      Who are the Friends of the Library?

      The Friends are an enthusiastic network of people interested in the University Library’s activities, collections, history and future development.

      Established in 1955, they provide invaluable support to the Library in its mission to provide information resources and services to support the University’s research, teaching and engagement activity.

      Membership benefits

      • lectures and talks on our celebrated rare books and archival holdings, as well as prominent guest speakers
      • behind-the-scenes tours of the Library and its collections
      • advance previews of our exhibitions and accompanying talks
      • invitation to the Friends’ annual general meeting
      • regular updates through the Friends’ newsletter and blog including priority announcements of any volunteering opportunities

      Get in touch

      Email: lib-friends@ncl.ac.uk

      Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 7651