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      Education Outreach Projects

      Education Outreach Projects

      Find out about some of the exciting projects we've run.

      Explore the wide range of projects we’ve run with schools in the past by visiting our Education Outreach Blog or clicking on the links below.

      Each of our projects is unique, but they all take their inspiration from material in Special Collections and Archives, and usually follow a project-based learning (PBL) approach. Get in touch by emailing lib.outreach@ncl.ac.uk to find out more.

      Today was awesome!

      Year 8 student

      It was really fun and I’ve left feeling inspired!

      Year 9 student

      It's a new experience that opens your eyes to things you hadn’t known before

      Year 9 student

      The thing I enjoyed most about today was that we touched really old things

      Year 5 student

      The whole project far exceeded my expectations

      Year 10 teacher

      The students had so many positive experiences

      Year 10 teacher

      Our students will take lifelong memories from this project. It has been incredibly rewarding

      Year 9 teacher