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      Inter-Library Loans

      Inter-Library Loans

      Access journal articles, book chapters and more that are not currently available from the Library.

      Inter Library Loans service

      Inter Library Loans service - Covid-19 changes

      • We can request electronic articles and book chapters from most UK libraries including the British Library Document Supply Service (BLDSS)
      • We are able to request some print material, however this has been reduced due to a number of libraries suspending their services,
      • Loanable material will be made available via the Click and Collect Service
      • We can request some material for use in the Library and will contact you via email to let you know it is ready for consultation
      • We are unable to supply items held in overseas libraries at present


      The Inter Library Loans (ILL) service allows staff and students of Newcastle University to obtain material not held by the Library. Undergraduate students can make 25 requests per year and postgraduates and members of staff 50 requests per year. External users should use the British Library’s On Demand Service or approach their local public library.

      Inter Library Loan requests are free of charge.

      Before asking for an Inter Library Loan:

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