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      Click and Collect

      Click and Collect

      Request items from the Library bookshelves to collect during our opening hours

      How it works

      Visiting the library and browsing the shelves is still the quickest way to get the books you need, but you can request books from the shelves from the Philip Robinson Library, Walton Library, Law Library, Research Reserve and some print material via Inter Library Loans, and pick them up at a later time. 

      Search icon

      Step 1

      Login to Library Search and search for the item. Click the Request button and follow the instructions.

      You can request a maximum of 10 items.


      Email icon

      Step 2

      Wait for an email to tell you your items are ready for collection. 

      If you've requested multiple items you may wish to wait until you receive confirmation that they are all ready before coming to collect them.


       Books icon

      Step 3

      Your items will be ready to collect from the Philip Robinson Library or the Walton Library.


      Returning books

      You will be notified by email when your books are due back. You can return books using the kiosks at the Philip Robinson and Walton libraries.

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