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      Writing a Data Management Plan

      Writing a Data Management Plan

      Plan how you will organise, store, use and share your data throughout the research cycle.

      Data Management Plans (DMPs) generally require a researcher to describe the research data they will create, how the data will be stored and managed during the project, and how valuable data will be shared. The resulting plan will have short and long-term benefits:

      • find and understand your data when needed
      • avoid unnecessary duplication of data
      • document your data to ensure access and continuity within your project’s team
      • if required, allows for the validation of your published results
      • ensure your research is visible and has impact

      This website is designed to help you draft your Data Management Plan and we would advise that you look at these sections in particular. 

      Writing your plan


      DMPonline is a flexible web-based tool to assist the creation of DMPs. It provides templates and guidelines for the majority of research funders.

      DMP Review

      The Research Data Service (RDS) can review draft DMPs making sure it covers all the key areas. Many funders make stipulations as to where and for how long data must be made available following completion of a project. Knowledge of funder codes of practice and expectations upfront will benefit this process.

      Email your draft DMP to the Research Data Service Team. To help provide the context to your research, please also send a draft case of support.

      Please allow five working days for a thorough review, but do get in touch if you have a tight deadline.

      Research Data Management Planning