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      Cancer Research UK Policy

      Cancer Research UK Policy

      Policy Summary

      Cancer Research UK (CRUK) requires all peer-reviewed, original (ie. primary data-based) research publications which acknowledge a CRUK grant to be made open access in Europe PubMed Central within six months of publication. This can be via either the Gold or Green routes, but CRUK's preference is for immediate (Gold) open access. The policy does not apply to review papers, editorials, commentaries or book chapters.

      CRUK Gold open access

      CRUK now provide a block grant to the university to support authors with the costs associated with Gold open access.

      To be eligible for funds from the CRUK grant, publications must meet the following criteria:

      • An peer-reviewed original research article (ie. primary data-based)
      • Acknowledges CRUK funding in the appropriate format
      • Made freely available by the publisher at publication in Europe PubMed Central and on the journal site
      • Published with the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) licence (not CC-BY-NC or CC-BY-NC-ND).

      If your publication meets these criteria, you should choose Gold open access and apply for CRUK funding.

      Apply for CRUK funds

      The university has also entered into transformative agreements with some publishers that may provide compliant open access at no additional cost to authors or the institution.

      CRUK Green open access

      Where the publisher does not offer CRUK-compliant gold open access authors can comply via the green route by publishing the article as subscription access and uploading the accepted manuscript to Europe PubMed Central. CRUK grantholders will have been issued with a Europe PMC Plus account to deposit papers. CRUK policy allows for publisher embargos on access to manuscripts of 6 months from final publication.

      The accepted manuscript should also be uploaded to MyImpact in order to make it eligible for REF.

      Deposit in ePrints via MyImpact


      CRUK Open Access Policy and Guidance