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      BHF Policy

      BHF Policy

      Policy Summary

      An electronic copy of the final version of each peer-reviewed primary research paper or non-commissioned review article acknowleding British Heart Foundation (BHF) funding should be made freely available in Europe PubMed Central within 6 months of publication. Researchers can comply via either the green or gold routes, with costs for gold open access eligible to be claimed from the funder.

      If you would like to discuss this policy or elgiible costs with the BHF, please email research@bhf.org.uk or call 020 7554 0434. 

      Gold Open Access

      BHF expect their researchers to select publishing routes that ensure the work is available immediately on publication in its final published form, wherever such options exist for their journal of choice and are compliant with their policy. 

      To be compliant, the publisher must apply the Creative Commons Attribution licence (CC-BY) to the paper and deposit the final version in Europe PubMed Central under the same licence to be open access from publication. Researchers can determine which publishers are compliant using the SHERPA/FACT service.

      The Charity Open Access Fund (COAF) is now closed and cannot be used to pay open access costs for BHF researchers. Instead, BHF have provided the university with a new block grant to support eligible costs.

      Apply for BHF funds

      The university has also entered into transformative agreements with some publishers that may provide compliant open access at no additional cost to authors or the institution.

      Alternatively, authors can comply with BHF policy by self-archiving their paper in Europe PMC within six months of publication as below, if the publisher permits.

      Green Open Access

      If a journal does not offer gold open access, or it does not meet the policy requirements above, authors may be able to comply via the green route by making the accepted manuscript open access in Europe PubMed Central within six months of publication.

      Authors are first advised to check that the journal's policy for self-archiving using Sherpa/Romeo and to contact us to discuss any issues.

      If permitted, authors should deposit their accepted manuscript in Europe PubMed Central via Europe PMC plus. All BHF grant holders will have been issued with a Europe PMC+ account to enable this.

      Researchers should apply any embargo period that may be required by the publisher before the accepted manuscript can be publicly accessible. BHF require that this embargo period should not exceed six months from the final date of publication.

      Some publishers will automatically deposit accepted manuscripts in PubMed Central where authors declare BHF funding. However, authors will need to confirm if their journal offers this service and that it will meet their funder requirements.


      BHF open access policy