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      Centre for Healthier Lives

      Centre for Healthier Lives

      There is growing evidence lifestyle choices have profound effects on health and wellbeing. From conception to old age, diet, physical activity, and alcohol use have an impact on health.

      Taking on global challenges with an interdisciplinary approach

      Human behaviours have major impacts on the environment and health of our planet.

      Health-related disciplines operating largely in isolation cannot meet these challenges.

      These global challenges are the focus for our Centre for Healthier Lives.

      We're taking an interdisciplinary approach to finding solutions to improving human health and planetary health.

      Novel interventions

      We're the first UK centre of excellence for research on interventions to change connected behaviours.

      We'll improve public health through developing, implementing and evaluating novel interventions that change 'lifestyle-related' behaviours. We'll also aim to intervene to change behaviours that threaten the wider environment.

      We will deliver these novel interventions through better processes of:

      • understanding
      • development
      • implementation
      • evaluation
      • stratification
      • translation