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      School of History, Classics
      and Archaeology

      School of History, Classics
      and Archaeology

      Where the past informs our future.

      Explore and discover the past to shape your future

      Located in the vibrant capital of the North East of England and on the edge of the Roman Empire, Newcastle University offers a unique setting for historians, archaeologists, classicists and ancient historians to work together, studying the past to inform the future. Our expertise covers all regions and time periods of human history. Specialise in a particular area or examine global impacts of human behaviour.  

      Vibrant and supportive community

      We are one of the few departments that bring together historical studies from three major disciplines. Our research is collaborative, inter-disciplinary and world-leading as we work together to address global challenges.  

      Based in the beautiful and historic Armstrong Building, all members of our community share a passion for a deeper understanding of the human past. We offer a safe and supportive environment for all members conduct their research and learning as well as regularly hosting events to which all are welcomed.

      Our Latest News

      Professor Ian Haynes on BBC Newcastle

      Speaking to Gilly Hope on the 26th October 2021

      HCA Prize Winners

      Congratulations to all those who were awarded a prize in 2021!