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      School of Engineering

      School of Engineering

      Here at Newcastle University, we're pushing the boundaries of engineering.

      Engineering is everywhere you look. It plays a role in every aspect of our modern lives:

      • from roboticsmachine learning and artificial intelligence
      • to mobile phonesmedical technology, and driverless cars

      Engineering shapes the future all around us.

      Here in Newcastle is where great innovators such as Armstrong, Stephenson, Merz and Swan developed ideas that changed the world. We are proud to continue our city's rich history in world-leading engineering, innovation and creativity. We carry out ground-breaking research. We work closely with our governmental and industrial partners. We address global challenges such as:

      • climate change
      • sustainable energy
      • transport
      • clean water supply
      • waste management

      We are engineering

      Latest news and events

      Stephenson Building

      The new Stephenson Building is part of our ongoing investment in exceptional facilities. It will deliver an outstanding student experience and a world-leading environment for research and innovation.

      Find out more about the Stephenson Building

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      Engineers and biologists team up to reveal how seals evolved to swim
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