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      Centre for Researching Cities

      Centre for Researching Cities

      A Newcastle University Centre of Research Excellence. We work on cities, with cities, and for cities to ensure just, inclusive, and sustainable urban transitions.

      Cities are the concentration of social, infrastructural, and economic activity in space.

      Defined by density, proximity, and juxtaposition, cities act as accelerators of change. This includes changes that are:

      • social
      • cultural
      • physical
      • technological 
      • biological
      • epidemiological

      Cities concentrate vulnerabilities and amplify inequalities. This puts cities at the forefront of the efforts to address societal challenges.

      Our mission

      Our mission is to harness and integrate our world-class expertise in urban research, to better address these pressing multidisciplinary and international challenges. 

      These challenges do not simply happen in cities. Cities exacerbate or ease them.

      We have a unique understanding of cities which brings together urban systems and technologies with social and spatial governance and justice.

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