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      Current Students London

      Current Students London

      Your student experience will cover a wide range of activities and opportunities to ensure you get the most out of your time with us.

      Your Teaching and Learning

      Covid-19 has changed the way we all work and teach. We've been working together to reshape and build on the learnings of the past year for the start of the 2021 academic year.

      Find out more about the 2021 student academic experience, including how we're keeping you safe, on our Covid support page. This includes frequently asked questions, information on term dates and support for continuing international students. 


      Induction resources

      To help you prepare for the year ahead, we have developed resources which provide important information about your programme, our facilities and support services. Before you join us in September, we advise that you read the following:

      • Study guide
      • Induction schedule*

      Induction information for all students will also be available to access on Canvas - our online learning platform - from 13 September.

      Once you are registered with us you will be added to the relevant community page on Canvas for your course level. You can then access the above documents, as well as wellbeing and employability information.

      *Some of the content in the induction schedules may be subject to change.

      Induction schedules

      Your induction schedule outlines a timetable of induction activities for your programme*, to help you settle into life at the University and the Business School.

      Find your relevant induction schedule below and take a look at the range of activities for you to take part in when you join us.

      *Some content in induction schedules may be subject to change.

      Careers and Employability

      Whether you are looking for a graduate career, further study, or you want to take on an entrepreneurial project when you leave us, we will ensure you are ready for employment when you graduate.

      Access one of the best, largest and most innovative careers services in the UK for expert advice.

      Find out more about how we create employable, sought-after graduates.

      Wellbeing and support

      As a student studying with us in London, you will have access to a range of support and wellbeing services, which will be offered remotely to support you. 

      The wellbeing service works with local and national organisations to support students to maximise their potential and gain the most from their time at University. Services they offer include:

      • counselling
      • mental Health
      • disability and Specialist Learning

      More information can be found here.