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      Degree Apprenticeships

      Degree Apprenticeships

      A great way to develop the skilled workforce your organisation needs.

      How does it work?

      Degree Apprenticeships combine on the job training with study. This leads to a qualification at degree or Master’s degree level.

      They are a great way of helping you develop the skilled workforce your business needs.

      We are a key provider of Degree Apprenticeships. We welcome enquiries from employers, individual organisations, groups or industry bodies interested in working with us.
      We currently offer:

      • Level 6 Apprenticeship - Bachelor's Degree
      • Level 7 Apprenticeship - Master's Degree

      Our current degree apprenticeships

      MEng Power Engineering Integrated Degree Apprenticeship

      Suitable for any industries and businesses in the engineering, utilities and energy sectors. Graduates will be able to develop and apply new technologies to improve safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness within these sectors.

      More information

      Level 7 MSc Digital Technology Solutions

      We have three MSc Digital and Technology Solutions apprenticeship programme with specialisms in Data Analytics, Cyber Security and Software Engineering.

      These course are designed to drive technological innovation and change in your organisation.

      More information

      Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeships

      Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies and Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Leadership

      Designed for employees to study while they are working, these courses are aimed at individuals who are currently in, or moving into, strategic roles. They combine personal and professional development with a focus on workplace performance.

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