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      Corporate Partnerships

      Corporate Partnerships

      We work with large organisations to co-create new knowledge, develop talent and drive innovation.

      From collaborative research to developing talent, partnerships are a mutual platform. We want to deliver great value in many different ways to your organisation.

      By working in partnership with us you can:

      • commission and co-create new research and insight
      • develop intellectual property
      • unlock grant funding
      • develop a pipeline of talent for your organisation
      • access specialist facilities and services in our University

      Dedicated partnership management

      Each of our Corporate Partners has a dedicated Partnership Manager who provides tailored support.

      The partnership manager supports your organisation by:

      • ensuring there is a deep, shared understanding of your needs, expectations and strategic goals
      • acting as your primary point of contact
      • navigating our internal networks to expedite activity
      • removing obstacles to collaboration
      • establishing activity plans to create networks, co-create ideas and meet short and long-term objectives

      Our partners

      We enjoy a wide range of partnerships with a range of different organisations including:

      • Siemens
      • Procter & Gamble
      • National Trust
      • IBM
      • Northumbrian Water