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      Company Creation

      Company Creation

      There are opportunities for investment, partnership and leadership roles with the new companies we create each year.

      Our Company Creation supports and facilitates the creation of high-tech, innovative companies. We identify and "spin out" commercial and not-for-profit activities from our world class research.

      You might be interested in investing or partnering with one of our companies. Or you might want to join as an experienced executive who can support a company's growth.

      Our team

      We have extensive, hands-on experience of creating and successfully managing new businesses.

      The team is headed up by Rick McCordall, Head of Company Creation and Lizzie Withington, Company Creation Manager. If you would like to discuss any business opportunities with the team please contact Jill Moffat.

      Northern Accelerator

      We are founding members of the Northern Accelerator programme, a collaboration between the universities in the north-east of England. It is a programme that has accelerated the commercialisation of innovation to boost our region’s economy, making a real-world impact from world-leading research.

      Spin out companies

      We have an excellent track record for producing spin-out companies from applied research and play a significant role in the development of new products and services.

      Our Spin out companies also contribute to the development and vitality of the region through new jobs and revenue creation. Our list of current spin outs include the following: