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      Innovation support for North East SMEs from Newcastle University.

      What is Arrow?

      Growing a small business brings a variety of challenges, but you don’t have to do it all alone. Newcastle University provides a range of support to help you take your next steps. Through our Arrow programme, we can equip you with the tools you need to succeed on your innovation journey.

      Arrow is part-funded through ERDF, so can offer support at no cost to your business.

      European Union European Regional Development Fund logo.

      Our range of support for innovation

      Whether you’re starting a new business from scratch or looking to expand your existing business with new products or services, we can provide support that’s tailored to your needs.

      This includes:

      • innovation support for start-ups
      • help with research and development
      • proof of concept and validation
      • specialist data science expertise
      • access to state of the art research facilities and equipment

      Depending on your business needs, this support could include access to research, university experts, facilities or match funding, and access support from one of our leading national institutes including:

      Could Arrow be right for you?

      We provide business support for small and medium-sized enterprises that need help to innovate and grow, as well as early-stage businesses in the start-up phase.

      For us to support you, your business needs to be:

      • a registered business, charity, CIC, partnership or sole trader
      • based in the North East LEP area
      • needing support to develop a new or existing service, product or process
      • fewer than 250 employees
      • under €50 million turnover

      If this sounds like your business, we’d love to chat further about the options available.